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PhD/Post-doc winter conference in Vemdalen, March 2015

The Interdisciplinary PhD/Post-doc winter conference in March 2015, in Vemdalen

Deadline for registration February 8th

This is a student-promoted activity with the idea to bridge several areas of biomedical research “From basics to clinic” and to improve the interaction among the KI doctoral students. The conference will include three guest speakers from different fields and will give the chance for all the students to have a presentation (oral or poster).

Please check the flyer of the meeting, and you are very welcome to send in your application to attend the meeting.
The Oncology and Tumorbiology (FoTO) doctoral program, together with other programs at KI, is contributing to the funding.

Sincerely yours,
Teresa Frisan
Program coordinator
Tumor Biology and Oncology - FoTO