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PCM, Letter of Interest

Personalised Cancer Medicine (PCM) Program at Karolinska Institutet

Call for expression of interest for partial funding of pilot projects for PCM
”Personalised Cancer Medicine” aims at assessing new diagnostic and therapeutic methods through a strong collaboration between cancer research and clinical research.
The PCM program at Karolinska Institutet is now announcing funds to support two projects that can serve as pilot projects within the program. The maximum allocated grant will be 3 million Swedish Crowns/project.
Projects eligible for funding must be in the forefront of research regarding PCM. These grants from the program shall - in addition to other funding for the projects - enable scientific documentation and evaluation of the various components of a PCM-based approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment. This documentation and evaluation shall be planned and conducted in consultation with the PCM program. The aim is to build up a base of experience and create a template for other future PCM projects towards implementation of PCM in routine university hospital care.
The pilot projects will thus provide information on both existing obstacles and opportunities for the smooth flow of a translational cancer research pipeline focused on the testing of new therapies and treatment predictive biomarkers. The projects will test new organizational principles where resources owned by various stakeholders (Biobanks, SciLife Lab, SweTox, IT infrastructure, clinical trials unit, etc.) will be coordinated with defined milestones, reporting practices and support functions.

Type of Grant
Grants are primarily intended as no more than a million SEK / year during three years. Other periodizations can be considered if needed.
The appropriations will be administered by Radiumhemmets Research Funds, which are the primary funders of the program.

Who can apply
Researchers at the Karolinska Institute and the Karolinska University Hospital

As a first round, the program invites letters of interest. Based on this candidates will be offered to submit a complete application due May 2015. The complete final application must be written in English, while the letter of interest can be written in Swedish or English.

Evaluation and decision procedure
The complete applications will be assessed by independent experts in consultation with Radiumhemmets Research Funds Research Board, the PCM program and KICancer steering groups.

Expression of interest should contain:

  • Summary description of the project comprising a maximum of one A4 page
  • Justification of how the project would serve the PCM program objectives (maximum half a page)
  • List of researchers / doctors who plan to participate in the project
  • CV and publication list for the principal investigator
  • Report on other funding for the proposed projec

When and how should the expression of interest letter be sent?
Send the letter of interest in digital format to:

Send hard copy by mail to:
Radiumhemmets Forskningsfonder
Box 25
171 11, Solna, Sweden
Mark the envelope: "PCM"

The deadline for the letter of interest is set to 20th of March 2015

Ingemar Ernberg,
Michele Masucci ,


The intent of "Personalised Cancer Medicine" is "the right treatment to the right patient at the right time", in other words, individualized treatment based on the biological properties of tumors and healthy cells.

Implementation of the methods needed for the individualization of cancer treatment is lacking today which leads to large groups of patients receiving the same treatment. Some patients benefit from the treatment, while others generally suffer side effects with high cost of health care. The creation of a strong research and development activity concerning "Personalised Cancer Medicine" in Stockholm will be important for the future improvement in quality of cancer care. It will also be of importance for current and future opportunities to participate in international research collaborations aimed at creating innovation in cancer care.

Essential to the PCM activities is the establishment of teams of experts who hold clinical, molecular pathology, molecular biology, biostatistics and imaging skills (including X-ray, isotope diagnostic and magnetic resonance imaging specialists).