Master courses

Master-program in Biomedicine, the Tumor Biology track

The FoTO-program is organizing a six weeks course block every autumn term for master students in biomedicine who have chosen the “tumor biology” track for their second year of deepening studies. Five 1-2 week courses are offered addressing basic aspects of tumor biology, using PhD-training courses, which are also offered to PhD-students.

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The purpose is that after the course block the students should:

  • have an overview of the cancer problem, the modern view what cancer is, from a basic and clinical point of view
  • understand the basic foundations of cancer biology as well as have acquired some ability to discuss and understand advanced problems in cancer biology
  • have an insight into the most important problems to solve in cancer, to improve diagnosis, prevention, treatment and quality of life
  • be able to understand, analyze and criticize current strategies towards exploiting the available information on cell cycle regulation, tumor suppressors and oncogenes for the development of novel therapeutics
  • demonstrate insight into known, inherited cancer syndromes, what genes are involved, how they were found, what is known on mechanisms for carcinogenesis, what is the current clinical state of the art for these syndromes concerning, genetic testing, counselling and prevention programmes or available therapy for affected individuals