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Hong Kong node

The Hong Kong node of MWLC currently consists of four scientific teams run by Professor Ronald Li, Assistant Professors Sijie Chen, Linxian Li and Zongli Zheng supported by technical and administrative staff.

Since the inauguration of MWLC in October 2016, our activities have mainly focused on recruitment and on the organization of research facilities and technical platforms. Now we are up and running and 30 people work at the Hong Kong node, four scientific teams supported by technical and administrative staff.

Scientific Teams

Professor Ronald Li's group focuses on human heart engineering, and was the first in the world to generate genetically engineered human heart cells and, more recently, the first human "mini-heart". His research aims to elucidate the fundamental biological mechanisms underlying a range of heart conditions with contractile defects and/or arrhythmias and to identify new biomarkers for these diseases afflicting tens of millions of patients every year.

As MWLC's three first Assistant Professors, Drs Sijie Chen, Linxian Li and Zongli Zheng bring knowledge and technologies to strengthen KI's research in stem cell biology, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, and regenerative medicine. They are establishing research partnerships with top universities in Hong Kong, KI in Sweden as well as scientific communities globally.

Bioinformatics Platform

The Bioinformatics platform is presently formed by one computational biologist and one bioinformatician. Drs Virpi Ahola and Shangli Cheng are organising a network between the two nodes and are providing bioinformatic services to MWLC.

Technical team

The technical team consists of Laboratory Manager Patrick Chan and Laboratory Attendant Eva Fung.

Adminstrative team

The administrative team consists of the Head of Administration Emily Ip and Executive Officers Molly Yang and Heather Chan.