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Gender Health and Rights: Information

Each week we will meet at KI to discuss the issues further in order to deepen the understanding of them, watch additional films and listen to guest speakers who will present cases and research particular to Karolinska Institutet and Sweden.

We look forward to sharing an engaging learning space with you and hope you will find opportunities for creative collaborations, interactive discussions based on your experiences and create innovative solutions to translate academic ideas to real-life circumstances.

Don't forget to register! If you have any questions please contact the course organisers: Karin Båge ( and/or Giulia Gaudenzi (

If you fulfill the requirements, you will get a statement of accomplishment from Stanford University and a diploma from the Centre for Gender Medicine.


1. Introduction and Human Rights

2. Education

3. Adolescence & Vulnerability

4. Reproductive Health and Rights

5. Violence in the Home and Community

6. Women in War and Refugee Situations

7. Women’s Quest to Escape Poverty

8. Aging and the End of Life


Thursday 5th February 2015 - 17:30 - 19:00

Föreläsningssal/Lecture Hall Jakob Berzelius Berzelius väg 3, KI, Campus Solna

Week 1: Introduction and Human Rights : Welcome by Vinod Diwan and Karolina Kublickiene

5 February, 17:30-19:00

Topics: welcome to the course, how it works, Women’s Rights = Human Rights, Son preference and demography

Week 2: Education : Guest Speaker Minna Levin from Schools to the Future

12 February 17:30-19:00

Topics: Education as the 'magic' intervention, Learning vs. schooling

Week 3: Adolescence & Vulnerability: Guest Speaker Dr. Taha Hirbod Alexandersson

19 February 17:30-19:00

Topics: Female genital cutting/mutilation, Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS

Week 4: Reproductive Health and Rights: Guest Speaker Professor Emerita Britt-Marie Landgren (White Ribbon Alliance)

26 February 17:30-19:00

Topics: Early marriage and early childbirth, Reproductive health, sexuality, maternity, contraception

Week 5: Violence in the Home and Community: Guest Speaker Luis Lineo, Chair Män för Jämställdhet, Film Screening: Gulabi Gang

4 March 17:30-19:00 - NEW DATE

Topics: Domestic violence, rape within the family and community, honor killing and dowry death

Week 6: Women in War and Refugee Situations: Panel Discussion with Axel Bladh (Läkare i Världen/Medecins du Monde), Susanna Elmberger (Kvinna till Kvinna), Josefin Särnholm (violence against women DRC), Maissa Al-Adhami (Research Assistant, Department of Public Health, Uppsala University)

12 March 17:30-19:00

Topics: The nature of current wars, forced migration, rape as a weapon of war, natural disasters

Week 7: Women's Quest to Escape Poverty: Guest Speaker Sarah Thomsen, Policy Advisor Health and SRHR, Sida and Associate Professor International Health, KI

19 March 17:30-19:00

Topics: Access to money and work, globalization and its effects on women’s work, Sex trafficking and sex work

Week 8: Aging and the End of Life and Conclusion: Guest Speaker Cecilia Bäcklander, PRO GLOBAL and Skype call with Stanford course professor Anne Firth Murray!!

26 March 17:30-21:00, concluding mingle

Topics: Aging, demography, social exclusion and loss, women as caregivers;

Conclusion: Making a difference and choosing priorities