External research funding

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The total revenue for research at Karolinska Institutet was 5,790  million SEK during 2017, including 1,997 of direct government funding and 3,793 (66%) of external funding from for example county and municipal councils, private foundations and from the business sector. The most important international research funder for KI is the European Union. In Sweden, the Swedish Research Council, the Wallenberg Foundations and the Stockholm County Council are major funders of our research. From the private sector, AstraZeneca is the most important funder. 

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Anna Wedell – Wallenberg Clinical Scholar 2015

About 16 percent of our research funding comes from Swedish private foundations and organisations, among them the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Anna Wedell, professor of medical genetics, is one of many scientist at Karolinska Institutet who over the years have received a grant from the KAW Foundation. View a video about Professor Wedell's research produced by KAW.