Electrophysiological and Neurochemical Techniques

The core facility can provide experiments with advanced electrophysiological and neurochemical techniques.

The facility has experience in generating results from complex pharmacological assays, utilising electrophysiological and neurochemical techniques, for investigating mode of action of drugs and biological active substances.

We aim to ensure that experimental designs, data analyses, and interpretation and dissemination of research findings take advantage of the most efficient and innovative methods in electrophysiology and neurochemistry.

Patch clamp equipment

We also offer reliable data from complex neuropharmacology using; brain slices, isolated cells, primary cultures and in vivo models.



The core facility provides technical expertise in:

  • Whole cell Patch Clamp of cultured cells and acutely isolated cells from various tissue
  • Inside- and Outside-out Patch Clamp
  • Extracellular recordings of field potentials in brain slices
  • Microdialysis in rodent models of CNS and metabolic diseases
  • Neurochemical analysis of neurotransmitters and metabolites in biological samples

Using the facility

If you are interested in the facility and our services please contact: 

Senior researcher

Jan Kehr

Organizational unit: Kehr Jan group - Pharmacological Neurochemistry
E-mail: Jan.Kehr@ki.se


Research team leader

Kent Jardemark

Phone: +46-(0)76-864 93 48
Organizational unit: Jardemark, Kent - Translational Pharmacology
E-mail: Kent.Jardemark@ki.se


We collaborate with research groups at Chalmers University of Technology, which offers new ways to develop novel assays technologies and platforms.

Core facility