EIT Health at KI

Healthy living and active aging is the theme for EIT Health. The goal is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of European industry, improve the quality of life of Europe's citizens and the sustainability of healthcare system.

EIT Health is a new innovation initiative, co-funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT, which in turn is a EU body initiated to stimulate collaboration between academic research and industry. Karolinska Institutet is one of several players in this major European research consortium concentrated in seven centers, or so-called nodes, in Europe, where the Scandinavian node contains several universities, research companies and public bodies. 

EIT Health goals

The goal of EIT Health is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of European industry, improve the quality of life of Europe’s citizens and the sustainability of healthcare system. The partnership will promote entrepreneurship and develop innovations in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe with new opportunities and resources. This will be achieved through delivering products, concepts and services, including educational programmes that will nurture talents and train the workforce of tomorrow.

Adopting an investor approach, EIT Health will drive the integration of business, research and higher education, boost innovation, and be a catalyst for new solutions for Europe. The critical mass of partners from business and industry, education, research, healthcare providers and insurance companies within EIT Health, opens the path to reduced time-to-market for added-value products and services.

EIT Health projects at KI

As a result of the first call in 2015, Karolinska Institutet received funding for two research and innovation projects. In addition, there are also a number of EIT health educational activities or EIT Health Starter Labs at KI. 

MULTI-MODE – Multimodal strategies to promote a healthy brain in aging: Innovative evidence-based tools. The project is led by Professor Miia Kivipelto at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, and aims is to produce and commercialize two evidence-based e-health tools to predict dementia risk and prevent cognitive decline/dementia among risk individuals.

miniQ – a web based system to optimise drug treatment in elderly people. The project is led by Professor Kristina Johnell at the Aging Research Center (ARC), and aims to optimise drug treatment among elderly people through a patient-centred decision support system called miniQ.

Further questions?

For general enquiries concerning EIT Health at Karolinska Institutet please email: eithealth@ki.se