Courses in the Aii doctoral programme

Here you find the information on the courses included in the Aii doctoral programme.

Some courses are given every semester or once a year while others are given more irregularly, for example every third or fourth semester. A list of all courses in the Aii doctoral programme is given in the table below. While KI PhD students and research school students are prioritized in the admission, all courses are also open for postdocs, clinicians, master students and students from other universities if there are spots available.

You can check if an upcoming course has vacancies after the application period from here.

Current and upcoming courses

*Shared between programs

You can apply for the courses at the Course catalogue page. And more information on doctoral courses in general can be found here

All courses in the Aii doctoral programme 

Courses in the Aii programme
Course Code Title HEC Frequency Next planned occasions
3120 Flow cytometry: from theory to application* 1.5 once/year Fall 2020
3114 Molecular Immunology 3 once/year Fall 2020
1626 Cytokines in inflammation* 3 once/year Spring 2021
3200 Clinical and experimental neuroimmunology* 1.5 approx every second year Fall 2021
2186 Making and using genetically modified mice for immunological research 1.5 approx every second year Fall 2021
3187/3139 Basic immunology 3 2 times /year Spring 2021 and Fall 2021
2348 Functional Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging (fFMI) in Biomedical Research 3 once/year Fall 2020
2363 Antigen presentation and T cell activation 1.5 once/year Spring 2021
2522 Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: When and How* 3 once/year Fall 2020
3102 Omics data analysis: From quantitative data to biological information* 3 once/year Fall 2020
2532 Multifactorial immune mediated diseases – etiology and pathogenesis 1.5 once/year Spring 2022
3145 Pulmonary inflammation 2 approx every second year Spring 2021
2571 Psychoneuroimmunology 3 approx every second year Spring 2021
2705 Basic inflammation 3 approx every second year Spring 2021
2760 Translational medicine in autoimmunity 3 approx every second year Fall 2021
2957 Neural Control of Inflammation and Bioelectronic Medicine* 1.5 once/year Spring 2021
3070 Mucosal Immunology 3 once/year Fall 2021
3072 Tissue-specific Immunology 1.5 approx every second year Spring 2021
3067 Immunogenicity: Immune responses against biological drugs* 1.5 approx every second year Spring 2021

*Shared between programs


COVID-19 related information

Information for staff and students regarding COVID-19

This information is addressed to staff and students at Karolinska Institutet. The page will be updated when new recommendations and important information are added regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff and students are urged to keep themselves informed daily in order to find out about and act upon the latest recommendations.

Information for courses to be given HT2020

Following the recommendations from the Public Health Agency to reduce the spread of infection, the basic rule is still that theoretical doctoral courses are given remotely.