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Our programme offers a number of doctoral courses - from "molecule to patient". They range from basic to advanced level. The doctoral courses are offered on a regular basis, basic ones at least once a year. The doctoral courses on advanced level give a possibility for in-depth knowledge within a certain field or a particular methodology.

The courses are announced in the KI course catalogue for every semester

The pedagogical keynote of the programme is student progression, i e more advanced courses building on basic courses.

For a list of all courses within the programme on basic level and advanced level, please see below


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Courses for program : Tumor Biology and Oncology (FoTO)

Courses in the Doctoral Programme in Tumor Biology and Oncology (FoTO)

FoTo offers the following course over the next 4 years, divided into basic and more advanced courses, Please note that several of the basic courses are held once a year. The advanced courses will be held at least once during the next 4 year period, so please apply early and check this website for details!

Overview of our Courses

Basic courses (level 1/2):
Basic courses (level 1/2):
#3112* Basic course in Tumor Biology and Oncology (once per year, Autumn, 2 weeks)
#3155 Basic Tumor Histopathology (once per year, 2 weeks)
#3110 Tumor immunology and immune therapy of cancer (once per year)
#3108 Cytostatic Drugs in Research and Cancer Treatment
#3202 Cell death and Cancer
*Can be substituted by the yearly EACR Summer school in translational cancer research
Examples of more advanced courses (level 2/3)
Examples of more advanced courses (level 2/3)
#5232 Tumor microenvironment
#3076 Cancer cell Metabolism
#1592 Infections and cancer
#3023 Microbiota, metabolism and immunity in the development and treatment of malignancies
#3024 Advanced Cancer Biology
#3102 Omics data analysis: From quantitative data to biological information
#2001 What is life? The future of biology
#2367 Mouse models of human cancer
#2758 Personalized cancer medicine
#3151 Inherited cancer syndromes; Genes predisposing to malignant disease
#3025 Advanced Cell Culture - modelling with human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells
#3102 Omics data analysis: From quantitative data to biological information
#2583 Non-coding RNA and cancer
#3103 Breast Cancer: Research and treatment
#2720 Brain tumors
#2854 Translational lung cancer research
#3022 Translational Paediatric Oncology in the Era of Immunotherapy and Omics
#2663 Circulating tumor cells
#2790 How to conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses
#2970 Applications of CRISPR/Cas9 technology: genome editing and beyond