Core Facility for Genetic Physiology

We provide services for physiological analyses of normal and genetically modified mice. 

The facility is part of KIMM (Karolinska Institutet Mouse Mutant Facility) and is located on Campus Solna. 

Our services

We provide support during planning of in vivo physiological experiments and assistance when applying for ethical permits for animal experiments.

Excellent technical resources and competences are available for surgery and examinations of mice in vivo. We develop tests, examinations and disease models together with users. For all examinations listed below, we offer support at different levels depending on the demands of the users.

Mouse telemetry

A 16 channel DSI telemetry system is available for the recording of blood pressure, locomotor activity, core temperature and ECG. A radio transmitter is operated into the mouse abdomen and the animals can be monitored for several weeks. Pharmacological interventions are possible.

Blood pressure

We perform both acute measurements in anaesthetized animals using a semiconductor Samba sensor inserted via the carotid artery, as well as recordings in awake animals using swiwel systems (catheter in the femoral or carotid arteries and veins) or tail cuff (four channels).


A high-resolution ultrasound equipment is used to evaluate left ventricular cardiac function, aortic or mitral valve flow with calculations of ejection fraction, wall thickening etc.

Urological examinations

Cystometry examinations of urinary bladder volume and responses to filling are performed in awake animals. Four metabolic systems for collection of urine and faeces are available.

In vitro analyses

In collaboration, we perform a range of in vitro examinations (physiology and pharmacology) of muscle tissues: whole beating heart (Langendorff preparations), isolated trabecular preparations and cardiac cells, isolated smooth muscle organs (blood vessels, airways, urogentital organs, gut) and of skeletal muscles.


Four stations for open circuit calorimetry are available (Somedic system). In these metabolic cages, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production are measured. The respiratory exchange ratio is calculated and the experiments can be combined with telemetry (MiniMitter system for heart rate, locomotor activity and temperature) and variations in external temperature can be introduced.

A four-channel treadmill can be used for examination of physical work performance and exercise training.

We perform glucose tolerance test and blood sampling for blood analyses and measure body composition using an EchoMRI System.


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