Clinical Epidemiology Core Facility

The purpose of our activities is to provide methodological support for researchers in clinical matters, both in planning and carrying out studies.

One focus is on creating systems for the long-term follow-up of various interventions and diagnostic measures, such as new drugs in rheumatology and gastroenterology. We have also made it possible to include genetic factors in studies by developing the multi-generation register  a Statistics Sweden database that includes all Swedes born during and after 1932, showing links between parents and children. The register can be used to include hereditary components when studying cause of disease and in treatment studies.

A system is currently being developed for long-term follow-up of new drugs, in collaboration with the Swedish Medical Products Agency. There is no equivalent unit in Sweden. Similar units are found internationally in North America, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, and Norway.


Professor, senior

Anders Ekbom

Organizational unit: Group M Fored

Core facility