World Spirometry Day 2-3 October 2014

2014-10-0208:00 to 2014-10-0320:00 Stockholm Central StationOtherCentre for Allergy Research

The Centre for Allergy Research (CfA) invites everyone to come and measure their lung function at the World Spirometry Day event on 2-3 October 2014 at the Central Station in Stockholm.

Time: 2 and 3 October from 8:00 until 18:00

Venue: Stockholm Central Station - Main Hall

Please observe that the number of tests is limited.

This is the fifth time CfA organises this public lung function testing event, and the theme for this year is "Clean Air", to be followed on Twitter via #AndasRent and #BreatheCleanAir. Similar events will take place around the world as part of the "Healthy Lungs for Life" campaign coordinated by the European Lung Foundation.

The aim of public spirometry tests is to raise awareness of airways diseases such as asthma and COPD, and the importance of measuring lung function with spirometry if you are part of a risk group.

World Spirometry Day 2014 in Stockholm is organised by:

The Centre for Allergy Research at KI

The Centre for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

More about the spirometry event can be found on CfA's website.

För mer information kontakta Esther.Edlundh-Rose@ki.se eller Roelinde.Middelveld@ki.se

Contact person: Roelinde Middelveld