Lectures and seminars

Nicholson Lecture: How telomeres solve the end-protection problem

2014-06-0917:00 to 18:00 Nobel Forum, Wallenbergssalen, Nobels väg 1Campus Solna

Lecture by Dr Titia de Lange, Rockefeller University, USA

Dr Titia de Lange, Leon Hess Professor at Rockefeller University, New York, USA. Dr. de Lange’s lab studies telomeres, protective elements at the ends of our chromosomes that are critical for the stability and maintenance of the genetic information. Deficiency in telomere function can cause genomic alterations in cancer, and the gradual loss of telomeres contributes to aging of human cells.

The Nicholson Lectures Programme consists of two annual professors’ lectures and is part of an extensive cooperation agreement between Rockefeller University and Karolinska Institutet initiated in 2010. One Nicholson Lecture is held at each of the universities by a visiting professor. The universities nominate between five and ten of their candidates, of which one is finally chosen by the partner university. The sixth lecture in the series will be held by Professor Titia de Lange from Rockefeller University at Karolinska Institutet. Later this year Professor Camilla Sjögren of Karolinska Institutet will hold a Nicholson Lecture at Rockefeller University.

Please register here latest June 2. Due to limited number of seats, registration in advance is necessary. For questions please contact Pernilla Witte, pernilla.witte@ki.se