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Molecular Life Sciences – symposium in celebration of KAW 100 years

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2017-09-1509:00 to 17:15 Aula Magna, Stockholm University, Frescativägen 6Other

To celebrate 100 years in support of excellent Swedish research and education, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) arranges, in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Swedish universities, a series of symposia in areas in which the Foundation has provided substantial financial support throughout the years. The symposia are being held all over Sweden during the anniversary year.

Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet and KTH Royal Institute of Technology are happy to invite researchers, students, staff and members of the general public to the jubilee symposium Molecular Life Sciences in Aula Magna on the 15th of September 2017. The symposium is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Welcome!

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Program highlights

From Peripheral Proteins to Membrane Motors – Mass Spectrometry Comes of Age
Head Speaker: Professor Carol Robinson, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford

The Role of Traak K+ Channels in Nerve Conduction
Head Speaker: Professor Rod MacKinnon, Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Rockefeller University

Neurobiology of the World’s Most Dangerous Animal
Head Speaker: Professor Leslie Vosshall, Kavli Neural Systems Institute, Rockefeller University

Archaic Genomics
Head Speaker: Professor Dr Svante Pääbo, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

Marie Carlén, foto: Stefan Zimmerman"Funding from KAW gave the freedom to focus on complex research projects"
Meet KI researcher Marie Carlén – one of the speakers at the jubilee symposium. More on KI News

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