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KIRCNET research seminar: Professor Paul Franks

2016-12-0115:00 to 16:00 CMM Lecture Hall, L8:00Karolinska University Hospital, SolnaKIRCNET

Is precision lifestyle medicine in obesity and type 2 diabetes realistic?

Speaker: Professor Paul Franks, Lund University Diabetes Centre 

The research of Professor Franks is focused on understanding how genetic and environmental factors interact to impact on complex diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. In particular, Professor Franks is a leading researcher in understanding how nutrition and exercise are influenced by genetic predisposition to complex diseases. Professor Franks has contributed to many important international genetic epidemiological studies as well as running his own successful research group.

With a growing problem of obesity worldwide, understanding how lifestyle factors combine with genetic variation to influence chronic diseases is of growing importance. Professor Franks research is important for the cardiovascular studies but is also of general interest for daily life of all of us. 


Contact person: Louisa Cheung
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