#Hur vet du det? A campaign for science

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2018-04-1414:00 to 2018-09-0908:00 Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm – globallyOther

On the 14th of April, there will be a startup meeting at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm for the campaign #Hur vet du det? (How do you know that?). The campaign will continue until the elections in September to the Swedish parliament, county councils and municipalities – and at the same time it will be a part of the global movement March for Science.

#Hur vet du det? March for Science fortsätter.Last spring, Karolinska Institutet participated in the global movement March for Science. Now it is time to make our voices heard again, globally under the slogan “Science Marches On” and in Sweden as a part of the campaign #Hur vet du det? Just like in April 2017, it is the non-profit organisation Vetenskap & Allmänhet that will coordinate, with the support from a great number of stakeholders, including Karolinska Institutet.

Time and location for the startup meeting in Stockholm:

Similar meetings will be held in Luleå in the north and Lund in the south of Sweden. The plan is then that we all participate in the campaign with different activities throughout the Swedish election year – to raise awareness among the general public and politicians about how research is conducted and why research-based knowledge is crucial for a sustainable social development. The starting point for any discussion could be a simple but powerful question: How do you know that?