AniBio tutorials

Tutorials for AniBio users at Karolinska.
You can watch recorded movie tutorials at this web page.
Alternatively you can download them in power point presentation containing that movie.

1) Services

How to make a service request and view service status.

2) In house breeding

How to order a in house breeding animal within your ethical permit. (And how to attach a file.)

3) Sacrifice

Request experimental animals to be sacrificed and commenting a severity degree.

4) Sacrifice cages

How to sacrifice (mutiple) cages. (Important as we charge per cage ion the system.)

5) Booking

How to book a lab or other equipment and how to cancel or change the booking.

6) Animal management

View and search you animal. Modify animals records as genotype and sacrifice animals. Animal passport.

7) Journal

Update animal journal with procedures and view them. (Mandatory for animals in experiment.)

8) Cage management

View or search cages in rooms and racks. 

9) Breeding management

View breeding and breeding status and litters (pups).  Use or modify the litter.

10) Upload a file to AniBio

Upload file for attachments or records associated with AniBio.

Downloads PowerPoint with movies

The files has to be opened with a software that can read PowerPoint (.pptx). Microsoft PowerPoint is free for all platforms. PC, MaciPhone/iPadAndroid and Chrombook.