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Public Health Epidemiology encompasses the application of epidemiologic methods of research to three core tasks aiming at understanding and improving population level health.

The three core tasks are:

  • description and surveillance of the occurrence of diseases and their putative or known risk factors
  • investigation of determinants of disease and health
  • evaluation of efficacy and effectiveness of interventions aiming at preventing diseases of public health importance

The field seeks to undertake these tasks on a continuum, with the ultimate aim to promote public health by preventing the occurrence of diseases and/or altering their natural history. 

Research groups public health epidemiology 

Contact - group leaders public health epidemiology 

Professor/senior physician

Christina Dalman

Phone: +46-(0)72-242 68 92
Organizational unit: Public Health Epidemiology

Adjunct professor

Yvonne Forsell

Organizational unit: Public Health Epidemiology


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