PHS researchers receives project grants from ‘Martin Rinds Stiftelse’

Published 2018-07-31 13:39. Updated 2018-07-31 16:22Denna sida på svenska

The foundation ‘Martin Rinds Stiftelse’ has awarded projects grants to ten researchers at Karolinska Institutet. Four of the research projects are conducted at the Department of Public Health Sciences.

The researchers that are awarded research grants at PHS are:

  • Elin Roos who receives 194 000 SEK for the research project titled: ’Långtgående effekter av Ebola - en kohortstudie avseende hälsa’
  • Anna-Karin Danielsson who receives 150 000 SEK for the research project titled: ‘Cannabis use: understanding pathways to other illicit drug use’
  • Annika Eklundh who receives 41 000 SEK for the research project titled: ’Improved Diagnostics of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in Children’
  • Tim Baker who receives 64 000 SEK for the research project titled: “Malawi Critical Illness and Sepsis Prevalence and Outcomes Study”

‘Martin Rinds Stiftelse’ is a non-profit foundation that in recent years has awarded grants to research conducted at universities in the areas environmental medicine, medicine or epidemiology.

Find more information about ‘Martin Rinds Stiftelse’ (in Swedish).