Migrant Communities and Health Network

About the Network

Migrant Communities and Health (MICH) Network is initiated by Researchers, Postdocs and PhD students at KI whose research is relevant to the health of migrants, refugees, and ethnic minorities.

Our Aims

  • To create a space for sharing insights from our research
  • To be up-to-date on policies relating to migration, integration and health
  • To collaborate with and support the research on Migrant Health in Sweden
  • To offer a welcoming and supportive network for potential researchers, postdocs and PhD students 

Collaborating Research Groups 

The MICH Network operates with a cross-disciplinary research groups at the Department of Public Health Sciences from Karolinska Institutet.

Global Health

Public Health Epidemiology

Social Medicine

and other research groups at KI

Research topics

  • Infectious diseases, TB and HIV among newly arrived migrants in Stockholm 
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights among migrants in Sweden
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among immigrants in disadvantaged areas of Stockholm 
  • Mental health screening among newly arrived migrants in Sweden
  • Immigrant mental health and social integration in Sweden

Relevant Publications

The role of social capital in explaining mental health inequalities between immigrants and Swedish-born: a population-based cross-sectional study.
Johnson C, Rostila M, Svensson A, Engström K
BMC Public Health 2017 01;17(1):117​​

Employment status and psychological distress in a population-based cross-sectional study in Sweden: the impact of migration.
Sidorchuk A, Engström K, Johnson C, Kayser Leeoza N, Möller J
BMJ Open 2017 04;7(4):e014698​​​​​

'Valuable but incomplete!' A qualitative study about migrants' perspective on health examinations in Stockholm.
Shedrawy J, Lönnroth K, Kulane A
Int Health 2018 May;10(3):191-196

Methodological considerations for economic modelling of latent tuberculous infection screening in migrants.
Shedrawy J, Siroka A, Oxlade O, Matteelli A, Lönnroth K
Int. J. Tuberc. Lung Dis. 2017 09;21(9):977-989​​​​


Graduate Student

Charisse Johnson

Organizational unit: Public Health Epidemiology
E-mail: charisse.johnson@ki.se

PhD student

Veronika Tirado

Organizational unit: Global health (IHCAR)
E-mail: veronika.tirado@ki.se