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HSP Doctoral Theses

Current doctoral students

Dell Saulnier - Understanding health system resilience to extreme weather events: Learning from annual flooding in Cambodia

Emmanuel Robesyn - Epidemiological surveillance of Legionnaires’ disease. A study of determinants of surveillance quality in the European Union

Xiankun Chen (Sharon) - Evaluation of an exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation program for patients with chronic heart failure in China

Kristina Ingemarsdotter Persson - Determinants of risky sexual behaviour among men who have sex with men in Sweden

Erika Saliba - Improving antibiotic prescribing among general practitioners: a behavioural approach to change

Guobin Su - Infection-related hospitalizations in Chinese patients with chronic kidney disease: Prevalence, clinical consequences, resistance to antibiotics and the role of physical activity

Andreas Älgå - Surgical management of traumatic extremity wounds

Doctoral theses defended in the last 5 years

Lien La Thi Quynh - Antibiotic resistance: Implications of hospital practices for public health - a study from Hanoi, Vietnam

Dorcus Kiwanuka - Health system bottlenecks and evidence-based district health planning: Experiences from the district health system in Uganda

Hind Elidarous - Socioeconomic impact of diabetes in Sudan

Roy Nobhojit - In-hospital trauma mortality in India: exploring risks, predictors and causes

Ulrika Baker - Pathways to the implementation of maternal and newborn care: Studies on health system bottlenecks and quality improvement strategies

Martin Gerdin - The risk of dying: Predicting trauma mortality in urban Indian hospitals

Tim Baker - Critical care in low-resource settings

Sandeep Nerkar - iWHAM - Integrated water, health and agriculture management: public health implications of integrated watershed management in a tribal area

Christine Nalwadda Kayemba - Seeking referral care for newborns in eastern Uganda: community health workers' role, caretakers' compliance and provision of care

Agnes Nanyonjo - Delivering health services to children through integrated community case management in Uganda: From innovation to institutionalisation

Sujith J Chandy - Antibiotic use and resistance: Patterns, perceptions, policy and the price to pay

Roy William Mayega - Type 2 diabetes in rural Uganda : prevalence, risk factors, perceptions and implications for the health system

Krushna Chandra Sahoo - Antibiotic resistance and environmental fators: Focusing on the situation in Odisha, India

Ashish Pathak - Lessons from diagnosis-prescribing anad antibiotic resistance surveillance in Ujjain, India: the lull before the storm

Joan Nakayaga Kalyango - Integrated community case management of malaria and pneumonia in eastern Uganda: Care-seeking, adherence, and community health worker performance