Framework grant in antimicrobial resistance, Sweden-NSFC (China) joint research program

Epidemiology, risk factors and transmission mechanisms of the emergence of multidrug and extensively drug resistant tuberculosis


The emergence of multi/extensively drug resistant TB (M/XDR-TB) has become a global public health concern. China harbors the largest absolute number of MDR-TB cases. Investigations are needed to clarify how social, clinical and microbiologic determinants interact and contribute to the emergence of M/XDR-TB in the Chinese context. In Sweden we recently experienced an increase of drug resistant TB. In a low TB incidence country as Sweden, research on M/XDR-TB must be done as international collaboration and China is seen as an optimal partner. Based on the previous long-term collaboration, this study aim to increase the understanding of M/XDR-TB and to set a necessary knowledge base to improve the identification, treatment and control of it in a global perspective.

We will in a carefully designed epidemiologic study determine the extent and nature of M/XDR-TB and determine prominent factors on the population-level in China. Then we will investigate the resistance mechanism of M/XDR-TB in combination with genotyping, whole-genome and bacteriological analysis. Finally we will establish a cohort of drug resistant patients and examine outcome using social, clinical and bacterial parameters and develop a strategy to enhance the treatment efficacy. This collaboration between Chinese and Swedish TB-experts will attempt to identify programmatic areas where intervention or policy changes will likely have a meaningful impact on more favorable outcomes.

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