EQUIP Expansion

These two studies build on the EQUIP intervention to improve maternal and newborn mortality.



Funding by the Translating Research into Action funding line from USAID, TRAction aims to achieve the systematic documentation of community-oriented approaches to improve recognition and use of appropriate care-seeking for newborn and/or maternal complications in five countries, including the EQUIP target countries of Uganda and Tanzania.

The TRAction project provides resources for an improved understanding of what the EQUIP project was able to achieve in the community. Using qualitative research we aim to understand and document changes in the identification of potentially life-threatening complications, as well as timely and appropriate care-seeking in intervention and comparison districts.









The Quality Improvement for Maternal and Newborn Health at District-level Scale in Mtwara Region, Tanzania, will pilot the scale-up of the EQUIP approach within Mtwara region. EQUIP was implemented only in one intervention district in both Uganda and Tanzania. The QUADS project aims to assess whether the resource intensive mentoring and coaching of quality improvement teams can be integrated into the district and regional support functions; how can quality improvement be integrated into pre-existing district health systems?

We aim to produce a model that can be streamlined and integrated into existing structures within the Tanzania health system, eliminating the resorce-intensive external facilitation, which charaterizes most quality improvement initiatives, and which limit their scale-up.

The project will be evaluated using a realist evaluation throughout the intervention, based on internal monitoring, improved health management information system data on coverage and outcomes, among others.






2015 - 2018



Senior lecturer

Claudia Hanson

Organizational unit: Global health (IHCAR)
E-mail: claudia.hanson@ki.se

Global Health