Workshop: Tools for Global Health

2016-11-0811:00 to 13:00 S 302, Alfred Nobels allé 23, Campus HuddingeCampus Flemingsberg

Karolinska Institutet is internationalising its first and second cycle education. Learn more about how to integrate the different goals into your teaching and study programmes.

This workshop is intended for individual teaching staff who are or will be teaching matters relating to global health and interested in strengthening their competencies in global health. This workshop will provide teachers with some of the most commonly used tools in global health. These include free, online data visualisation tools like the Global Burden of Disease Compare Tool and Gapminder Tools, as well as other websites that can be very helpful when looking up data and information about a certain health issue or condition.

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Contact person: Karin Båge
Global HealthInternationalTeacher