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PHSP seminar: Principles and Methods for Economic Evaluation

2017-12-1110:00 to 12:00 Room Sterky, 4th floor, Widerström building, Tomtebodavägen 18ACampus Solna

The Doctoral Programme in Public Health Science (PHSP) welcomes all doctoral students and researchers at KI to our third seminar with Associate Professor Niklas Zethraeus. The theme for PHSP's autumn seminars is Health Economics Research.

The purpose of the PHSP seminars is to provide an intellectually challenging, yet generous and informal, environment where doctoral students can work on core topics and develop their knowledge together with junior and senior colleagues. Doctoral students will receive 0,3 credits per seminar or 1,5 credits per seminar series.

About the seminar leader

Seminar leader is Niklas Zethraeus, Associate Professor of Health Economics. Niklas is head of the research group Health economics and economic evaluation at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME). He also works at the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV).


To attend the seminar, register by December 4 to fu-adm@phs.ki.se 

About PHSP's seminar series autumn 2017

Through the Health Economics Research seminar series, we will focus on health outcomes measurement and economic evaluation. Health outcomes measurement and valuation of health status are crucial in studies of population health, health inequalities, and in economic evaluation. Economic evaluation involves the comparison of costs and benefits from alternative uses of resources.

We will discuss how economic evaluation might be useful in health care. The three seminars are aligned and pre-knowledge based on the previous seminars is assumed. Articles assumed to have been read before the seminar, and questions to guide reading, will be provided via email on beforehand to facilitate learning and discussions.

Contact person: Daniel Falkstedt


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