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Pan-Epidemics from SARS to MERS, Ebola to Zika, Yellow Fever to What's Next?

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2017-12-1316:45 to 19:00 Karolina, Widerströmska Huset, Tomtebodavägen 18ACampus Solna

Lecture & Discussion Panel: Pan-Epidemics from SARS, to MERS, Ebola to Zika, Yellow Fever to What’s Next?

Dr. Lucey is coming to KI to share his experience of working with infectious diseases from the first cases of HIV, to SARS, MERS, Yellow Fever and Zika. Dr. Lucey is professor at the department of Medicine-Infectious diseases at Georgetown University medical centre in the U.S.

The Swedish Organisation for Global Health (S.O.G.H) will also present their work and how to get involved.

Refreshments will be served - so don't forget to register!

The Centre for Global Health also sponsors this event as well as the research group Global and Sexual Health at the Department of Public Health Sciences.


16:45 - Mingle
17:00 - Opening and brief introduction of S.O.G.H.
17:10 - Lecture given by Dr. Daniel R. Lucey
18:10 - Discussion Panel
19:00 - Closing

Contact person: Karin Båge
Global HealthPublic HealthStudent