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Open seminar with Cynthia M. Bulik: Viewing Eating Disorders through New Lenses

2017-09-2813:30 to 14:30 Thor, Centrum för arbets- och miljömedicin (CAMM), Solnavägen 4, 10th floorOther

Welcome to an open seminar with Cynthia M. Bulik, Director of CEDI at KI who will discuss new genetic findings in eating disorders and new research directions. 

Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D., FAED, is a clinical psychologist and have been conducting research and providing treatment for individuals with eating disorders since 1984.

Although she have approached eating disorders from a variety of perspectives, from animal models to clinical trials, her greatest contribution to eating disorders research has been via research using genetic epidemiologic methods—including family, twin, and molecular genetic designs.

She is the founding director of the University Of North Carolina Center Of Excellence for Eating Disorders, and she is the director of the Center for Eating Disorders Innovation (CEDI) at Karolinska Institutet, focusing on advancing research on the genetic epidemiology of eating disorders.


Contact for questions about the seminar

Christina Dalman MD, Professor Epidemiology of Mental Health, Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS) christina.dalman@ki.se,  +46 (0) 722 426892

Contact person: Christina Dalman