About the department of public health sciences

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At the Department of Public Health Sciences, we conduct research, teaching and applied work based on public health science and epidemiology. The department has 9 research groups, around 80 doctoral students and about 150 employees.

Our research

At the department, public health-related research projects are conducted with the aim to understand the aetiology of different diseases as well as developing and evaluating public health interventions.

A special focus is placed upon social, behavioural and lifestyle factors of importance for human health. For example how health related conditions vary across different groups in society and how interventions affect them.

Furthermore, studies are conducted to identify social determinants of health and the impact of policy on access to care and health in specific groups in different contexts.

Our researchers are often involved in translating research results into health policy and public health practice in high and low income settings. More about our research at PHS

Research areas

Our 9 research groups conduct research in the three main areas:


The Department of Public Health Sciences is responsible for several doctoral programmes as well as undergraduate and advanced level of education, in public health science, global health and public health epidemiology.

More information about undergraduate and advanced level of education at PHS.

Work or study at doctoral level?

Want to work as a researcher at PHS? Contact our research group leaders or see the current job opportunities at the department

Interested in doctoral education at PHS? Find more information about our doctoral education and how to apply


The administration unit at the PHS consists of a financial unit, HR, educational administrators and can assist for example with mail service, key cards, internal communication and questions regarding the registry office and archive. 

Contact us

To contact or visit our department, please see: contact information and visiting address to the department of public health sciences