About KcKM

Since 2002, the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) has funded a network of emergency medicine at Swedish universities. The Department of Public Health Sciences at Karolinska Institutet is one node of this network. Kunskapscentrum för katastrofmedicin (KcKM) is a project mainly financed by competitive research grants from Socialstyrelsen.

What we can provide

We accept assignments such as Needs Assessments of disasters, as well as evaluations of international humanitarian health relief. We can provide advice and analysis of health care response related topics that involve essential information for action following disasters.


In 2019, we aim to:

  1. Increase capacity of the Swedish disaster response system through dissemination of knowledge and experience from global disasters, and standby for field work and advice to Swedish authorities.
  2. Strengthen and improve Swedish and international medical responses to major disasters by creating and validating tools for needs assessments and evaluation both in Sweden and internationally.
  3. Create conditions for improved trauma triage by studying methods for the development and use of clinical prediction models.
  4. Generate new knowledge on treatment for wound trauma.
  5. Better understand the ethical challenges and moral stress of disasters on the mental health of responders.


We currently have four ongoing research projects, funded for 2019 by Socialstyrelsen. You can find more information on these at the bottom of this page.

You can read about our achievements during 2018 in our yearly report.

Team members

Senior lecturer

Johan von Schreeb

Organizational unit: Global health
E-mail: Johan.Von.Schreeb@ki.se

Project manager

Anneli Eriksson

Organizational unit: Global health
E-mail: anneli.eriksson@ki.se


Martin Gerdin Wärnberg

Organizational unit: Global health
E-mail: martin.gerdin@ki.se

Graduate Student

Dell Saulnier

Organizational unit: Global health
E-mail: dell.saulnier@ki.se

Graduate Student

Andreas Älgå

Organizational unit: Department of Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS), S1
E-mail: andreas.alga@ki.se

Research officer

Martina Gustavsson

Organizational unit: Global health
E-mail: martina.gustavsson@ki.se

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