Want to study at doctoral level at Karolinska Institutet?

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Why choose KI?

How to become a doctoral (PhD) student at KI

To become a doctoral student at KI, you start by applying for one or more of the announced doctoral projects.

If you have your own funding in form of an external scholarship you can still apply for any of the announced projects but you can also try to establish contact with a research group on your own. If the scholarship has been earned in competition with others the project might not have to be announced like the other projects. Please be aware that the research group still might have to pay for you if the scholarship is not high enough.

External scholarships

There are also other ways into doctoral education, for example for medical doctors employed at one of the hospitals.

KI wants to recruit only the best candidates. Even if you have managed to establish contact with a research group it is in the end the head of the department that decides on admission to doctoral education.


Doctoral education