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2006 in Molecular Biophysics (Chemistry), Title "Iron in Haem Biosynthesis. Structural Studies of Ferrochelatase and Frataxin"

Department of Molecular Biophysics, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Supervisor: Salam Al-Karadaghi and Co-supervisor: Anders Liljas

Research description

Research scientist using X-ray crystallography and various biochemical and biophysical techniques with the aim of making chemical tools for studying ADP-ribosylation in the PARP family. See our homepage for more info:

Short summary of techniques and skills:

  • Design of protein constructs for soluble expression and crystallization.
  • Cloning and small-scale expression of protein constructs.
  • Parallel and high-throughput expression (E. coli) in shake incubators and LEX fermentation system.
  • Protein purification using ÄKTA systems.
  • Protein characterization using biophysical methods (Static light scattering (Stargazer) and thermal shift assays).
  • Enzyme activity assays (fluorescence, luminescence, Alpha-screen).
  • Crystallization of proteins and protein-ligand complexes in high-throughput format using robotics (Art Robbins och Mosquito).
  • Manipulation of crystals for X-ray data collection, data processing and evalution of diffraction data.
  • Daily user of LIMS and electronic laboratory notebook.
  • Advanced Linux-user, user of scripts, SQL databases and basic programming.


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