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About me

I have a computer science degree with PhD in medical science focused on medical imaging and medical image processing, with strong knowledge of Arteficial Intelligence, Machine learning.

At the moment, I am a research fellow at VU university Amsterdam and affiliated to the Division of Clinical Geriatrics

Research description

My research interest is developing and usage of brain MR image processing methods in order to facilitate detection and monitoring Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

At the moment, I am developing a crowdsourcing platform for distributed segmentation of white matter lesions in collaboration with ECTRIMS ( and MAGNIMS (

I've studied the combined effects of White matter and Gray matter changes in progression of AD. I've also involved in a European grid based image analysis platform (

During my works at KI, I've developed the CASCADE (, for segmentation of the so-called white matter lesions. The software is now being used by several groups in Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, the Netherlands, and Spain.


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