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Master of Science in Human Movement Sciences - Major in Motor Learning and Control; ETH Zurich (2013)

Continuing University Education in the field of Movement and Environmental Science, Human Nutrition, Bone Biology, and Medical Implants, as well as Leadership and Communication; ETH Zurich and Karolinska Institutet (2009-2016, 22 ECTS)

CTI Entrepreneurship Business Creation (2013)

Good Clinical Practice Modul 1-3 (2014)

Skeletal repair: Practical Training Course at AO Foundation, Davos (2015)

Research Visit at Uppsala Universitet – Department of Psychology (2016)

Research description

Research at the sitting and standing workstation (static and dynamic) with respect to (e.g. Physiological Motion Axis for the Seat of a Dynamic Office Chair.
Kuster R, Bauer C, Oetiker S, Kool J
Hum Factors 2016 09;58(6):886-98):

- Biomechanics
- Ergonomics
- Physiology
- Epidemiology
- Product Development and Testing

Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy of the Spine and the Shoulder (e.g. Accuracy of KinectOne to quantify kinematics of the upper body.
Kuster R, Heinlein B, Bauer C, Graf E
Gait Posture 2016 06;47():80-5)

Academic honours, awards and prizes

1st place at the Granite Groupe Start Up Award (2013)

2nd place at the CTI-Medtech Award (2014)

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