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About me

I did my undergraduate studies in Rostock (Medical Biotechnology) and Göttingen (Molecular Medicine), Germany. I started working in the group of Anna Smed Sörensen in 2014 for a Master´s thesis project examining the "Intracellular trafficking of influenza A virus in human dendritic cells".  I continued working as a research assistant and registered as a PhD in November 2015. During my PhD studies I am investigating human mononuclear phagocytes in the respiratory system during steady-state and inflammatory conditions. 

Research description

Mapping mononuclear phagocytes in blood, lungs, and lymph nodes of sarcoidosis patients. Lepzien R, Rankin G, Pourazar J, Muala A, Eklund A, Grunewald J, Blomberg A, Smed-Sörensen A. J Leukoc Biol. 2019 Feb 11.

Visualization of early influenza A virus trafficking in human dendritic cells using STED microscopy.
Baharom F, Thomas O, Lepzien R, Mellman I, Chalouni C, Smed-Sörensen A
PLoS ONE 2017 ;12(6):e0177920

Dendritic Cells and Monocytes with Distinct Inflammatory Responses Reside in Lung Mucosa of Healthy Humans.
Baharom F, Thomas S, Rankin G, Lepzien R, Pourazar J, Behndig A, et al
J. Immunol. 2016 06;196(11):4498-509

Expanded lung T-bet+RORγT+ CD4+ T-cells in sarcoidosis patients with a favourable disease phenotype. Kaiser Y, Lepzien R, Kullberg S, Eklund A, Smed-Sörensen A, Grunewald J. Eur Respir J. 2016 May 26.

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