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Dissertation 9 Nov 2018: Caroline Weibull

25 Oct 2018

On Friday Nov 9 Caroline Weibull will defend her thesis " Survivorship in Hodgkin lymphoma: childbearing and treatment-related disease ". Professor James R. Cerhan from the Mayo Clinic will be her opponent. Caroline's supervisors are Paul Dickman, Sandra Eloranta, Paul Lambert, Magnus Björkholm and...
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Dissertation 23 March 2018: Hannah Bower

02 Mar 2018

On Friday March 23, Hannah Bower will defend her thesis " Flexible parametric models for cancer patient survival : loss in expectation of life and further developments ". Her opponent will be Dr Angela Mariotto from the US Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the National Cancer...

62 million SEK to 14 researchers at the department

16 Nov 2016

The department has just found out this year's distribution of funding for projects from the Swedish Research Council, the Cancer Society, and FORTE. The total sum was 62 million SEK and most projects are funded for 3 years and cover a variety of diseases, including psychiatric diseases, cancer and...

Dissertation April 8, 2016: Anna Johansson

16 Mar 2016

On April 8, Anna Johansson will defend her thesis " Pregnancy and breast cancer: risk patterns, tumour characteristics and prognosis ". Her opponent is Professor Giske Ursin from University of Oslo and her supervisors are Mats Lambe, Paul Dickman and Sven Cnattingius. Pregnancy-associated breast...
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Paul Dickman puts the focus on how many survive

26 Jun 2014

In an issue of Rädda livet (2, 2014), published by the Swedish Cancer Society, Professor Paul Dickman is interviewed about his research on cancer survival.