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Cost-effectiveness of the HiBalance training program for elderly with Parkinson's disease: analysis of data from a randomized controlled trial
Joseph C, Brodin N, Leavy B, Hagströmer M, Löfgren N, Franzén E
Clinical rehabilitation 2019;33(2):222-232

Factors Associated With Responsiveness to Gait and Balance Training in People With Parkinson Disease
Löfgren N, Conradsson D, Joseph C, Leavy B, Hagströmer M, Franzén E
Journal of neurologic physical therapy : JNPT 2019;43(1):42-49

The effects of integrated single- and dual-task training on automaticity and attention allocation in Parkinson's disease: A secondary analysis from a randomized trial
Löfgren N, Conradsson D, Rennie L, Moe-nilssen R, Franzén E
Neuropsychology 2019;33(2):147-156

Patient-reported and performance-based measures of walking in mild-moderate Parkinson's disease
Leavy B, Löfgren N, Nilsson M, Franzén E
Brain and behavior 2018;8(9):e01081-

The reliability of gait variability measures for individuals with Parkinson's disease and healthy older adults - The effect of gait speed
Rennie L, Löfgren N, Moe-nilssen R, Opheim A, Dietrichs E, Franzén E
Gait & posture 2018;62():505-509

Investigating the Mini-BESTest's construct validity in elderly with Parkinson's disease
Löfgren N, Benka Wallén M, Sorjonen K, Conradsson D, Franzén E
Acta neurologica Scandinavica 2017;135(6):614-621

Monitoring training activity during gait-related balance exercise in individuals with Parkinson's disease: a proof-of-concept-study
Conradsson D, Nero H, Löfgren N, Hagströmer M, Franzén E
BMC neurology 2017;17(1):19-

On "Benka Wallen M, Sorjonen K, Lofgren N, Franzen E. Structural validity of the Mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test (Mini-BESTest) in people with mild to moderate Parkinson disease." Phys Ther. 2016; 96: 1799-1806 Response
Wallen Mb, Sorjonen K, Lofgren N, Franzen E
PHYSICAL THERAPY 2016;96(11):1845-1847

Structural Validity of the Mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test (Mini-BESTest) in People With Mild to Moderate Parkinson Disease
Benka Wallén M, Sorjonen K, Löfgren N, Franzén E
Physical therapy 2016;96(11):1799-1806

The Effects of Highly Challenging Balance Training in Elderly With Parkinson's Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Conradsson D, Löfgren N, Nero H, Hagströmer M, Ståhle A, Lökk J, et al
Neurorehabilitation and neural repair 2015;29(9):827-36

Is highly challenging and progressive balance training feasible in older adults with Parkinson's disease?
Conradsson D, Löfgren N, Ståhle A, Franzén E
Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 2014;95(5):1000-3

The Mini-BESTest--a clinically reproducible tool for balance evaluations in mild to moderate Parkinson's disease?
Löfgren N, Lenholm E, Conradsson D, Ståhle A, Franzén E
BMC neurology 2014;14():235-

A novel conceptual framework for balance training in Parkinson's disease-study protocol for a randomised controlled trial
Conradsson D, Löfgren N, Ståhle A, Hagströmer M, Franzén E
BMC neurology 2012;12():111-

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