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About me

I have always been interested in inference, uncertainty, statistics, computer science and data science. I enjoy playing sports and I have an active and healthy lifestyle. When I'm not reading about statistics I like to learn more about contemporary history and devour book after book on my Kindle.


I have a BSc degree in Statistics and Computer Science from the University of Padua (2006-2009) and a MSc degree in Biostatistics from the University of Milano-Bicocca (2009-2012). During my BSc I visited for 6 months the Deparment of Mathematics at the University of Barcelona, while during my MSc I wrote my thesis at the Department of Public Health at the Karolinska Institute. 


Research description

My research focuses on the development of statistical methods that deliver robust data analysis through the interaction between causal inference, optimization, and machine learning.

In addition, I very much enjoy teaching statistics and I am passionate about deepening my knowledge of mathematical statistics, probability, and data science. 


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Selected articles

Kallus N, Santacatterina M. Optimal balancing of time-dependent confounders for marginal structural models, Work in progress, 2018

Santacatterina M, et. al. Optimal probability weights for estimating causal effects of time-varying treatments with marginal structural Cox models, Submitted, 2018

Santacatterina M, Bottai M. Optimal probability weights for inference with constrained precision, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2017

Santacatterina M, Bottai M. Inferences and conjectures in clinical trials: a systematic review of generalizability of study findings. J Intern Med, 2016, 279(1):123-6.




Teaching portfolio

Since 2012 I am a teaching assistant for the courses:

- Biostatistics 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the Research School for Clinicians in Epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute.

- Biostatistics 1 and 2 at the Doctoral Program in Epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

* 2013; 4 years (1.280.000 SEK) - KID-Funding, written in collaboration with Prof. Matteo Bottai, Prof. Anna-Mia Ekström, Prof. Anders Sönnerborg and Prof. Rino Bellocco. Project title: Novel methods for estimating optimal dynamic treatment regimes for HIV-infected patients. 

* 2010 (4.500 EUR) - Programme Extra Plus - Fondazione Cariplo: 9 months at the Department of Public Health Karolinska Institutet

 * 2007 (1.500 EUR) - Erasmus Grant: 6 months at the Department of Mathematics - University of Barcelona

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