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About me

I am a postdoctoral-research fellow in Yenan Bryceson’s laboratory at HERM, Department of Medicine Huddinge. I joined the laboratory in 2015 when it was affiliated with the Center for Infectious Medicine (CIM). I am currently funded by a EMBO long-term fellowship and previously held a postdoctoral fellowship awarded by the Wenner-Gren Foundations. I received a PhD (Dr. rer. nat., summa cum laude) in biochemistry from the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany, in December 2014 for work conducted in Christian Haass’ laboratory on the intramembrane-cleaving protease SPPL3. Prior to that I received my undergraduate training in biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology in Kiel, Germany.


MAR 2009 TO DEC 2014

Graduate student, with Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Haass & Dr. Regina Fluhrer (Adolf-Butenandt Institute, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany)

OCT 2009 TO OCT 2013

Graduate program: Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease, Elite Network of Bavaria

AUG 2008 TO MAR 2009 

Diploma thesis with Prof. Dr. Ottmar Janßen (Institute of Immunology,
University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UK-SH) & University of Kiel)

OCT 2004 TO MAR 2009

Diploma program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany)

Research description

Working at the intersection of cell biology and clinical immunology, I am interested in the molecular mechanisms governing cytotoxic granule exocytosis in the lymphocyte context. Defects in key components of the lymphocyte cytotoxic machinery are associated with life-threatening primary immunodeficiensies in children and I am interrogating the cell biological mechanisms underlying these defects. In addition, I have a long-standing interest in glycobiology and intramembrane-cleaving proteasess.

Academic honours, awards and prizes


FEB 2016 TO JAN 2018: Longterm-fellowship, EMBO

FEB 2015 TO DEC 2015: Postdoctoral fellowship, Wenner-Gren Foundations, Stockholm

JAN 2010 TO JUN 2013: PhD fellowship, Hans und Ilse Breuer Foundation, Frankfurt, Germany

MAR 2007 TO MAR 2009: Fellowship, German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), Bonn, Germany


JUN 2014: Best Poster Award, Glyco-T 2014 - 9th International Symposium on Glycosyltransfeases, Porto, Portugal

OCT 2009: Diploma Award, German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM e.V.)

FEB 2008: Holsteiner Studienpreis, Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany


JUN/JUL 2011: Selected participant, 61st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2011 (on physiology or medicine), Lindau, Germany

JUL/AUG 2010: Selected participant, Roche Continents 2010, Salburg, Austria

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