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About me

Alexander is working as a database manager within the the National E-infrastructure for Aging Research (NEAR). NEAR-project coordinates the existing databases from major population-based longitudinal studies on aging and health in Sweden. The aims of NEAR are to promote and facilitate aging research in Sweden, to increase international exchange and collaboration, and to enhance research quality and generalizability of research findings. The ultimate goal is to identify effective and sustainable intervention strategies for better health and more effective care of elderly populations. For more information, see


Ph.D. in Social Gerontology, Karolinska Institutet

M.Sc. in Sociology, Stockholm University

Research description

Alexander wrote his thesis “Set for life? Socioeconomic conditions, occupational complexity, and later life health” ( at Aging Research Center (ARC) in the social gerontology sector, Karolinska Institutet & Stockholm University. Alexander is doing research part-time and his interest is foremost in health inequalities in later life with a special interest in life course models and working conditions.   


Linking financial hardship throughout the life-course with psychological distress in old age: Sensitive period, accumulation of risks, and chain of risks hypotheses
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Different indicators of socioeconomic status and their relative importance as determinants of health in old age
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International journal for equity in health 2017;16(1):173-

Are Occupational Complexity and Socioeconomic Position Related to Psychological Distress 20 Years Later?
Darin-mattsson A, Andel R, Fors S, Kåreholt I
Journal of aging and health 2015;27(7):1266-85

Associations between work-related stress in late midlife, educational attainment, and serious health problems in old age: a longitudinal study with over 20 years of follow-up
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BMC public health 2014;14():878-

Increased alcohol use over the past 20 years among the oldest old in Sweden
Kelfve S, Agahi N, Mattsson Ad, Lennartsson C


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