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About me

My research interest focuses on education and communication in preventive health, sex-education in school, pre-conceptive health care.
The thesis generated evidence that societal structures have impact on experiences and attitudes to fertility and childbearing. 

Research description


Fertility and childbearing – experiences, thoughts and attitudes among women not yet mothers (in Swedish). Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Karolinska institutet.






Popular science articles and activities

Fertility and childbearing, popular science summary of thesis, , Jordemodern, Sept 2013

Results and conclusion of doctoral thesis, interview in radio show Tendens, SR P1, July 2014 (approx 6,40 minutes in the programme)

Natural family planning (Naturlig familjeplanering), interview in Fria tidningen, Jan 2015

Menstrual cycle, interview in series of articles on  in daily paper Dagens Nyheter, Jan 2015

Elite sportswomen and menstrual cycle, Guest in radio show Nordegren&Epstein, SR P1, Feb 16 2015

Guest in tv-show Nyhetsmorgon TV4:

- Menopause, April 15, 2015 (id=3150192).

- Birth control apps and safety, May 13, 2015. More young people use birth control apps in their mobile phones to avoid unwanted pregnancy (3180081). 

Op-ed, DN Åsikt Oct 16 2017

A holistic approach on the woman's body, fertility and menstrual cycle, interview in podcast Epic Lyfestyle, , Feb. 20, 2018.


Projekt 23 – ett tidigt hälsosamtal för ett friskare liv. Ett projekt finansierat av SKL 2017. 


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