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About me

I graduated from KI as an Occupational therapist in 2004. Since then I have for example worked in ortopaedics, geriatrics and with grown ups with a mental retardation. In 2008 I started to work at Karolinska sjukhuset partly at Astrid Lindgrens children's hospital and in April of 2010 i was accepted as a PhD-student at department of woman and children's health.

Since then I have had two children and I am now balancing my life as a mother with that as a doctoral student.

In my spare time I have worked a lot with creative writing and have lectured on it as well as been a mentor. As a PhD-student I have lectured in the paediatrics course of the occupational therapist education and in June of 2014 I will present parts of my research at WFOT in Yokohama.

Research description

Already at three months age you can see that infants with a unilateral brain lession uses one hand more than the other.

There is to date no assessment tool that can be used to evaluate how infants with a unilateral brain lesion use their hands. Hand Assessment for Infants (HAI) is an assessment tool under development that will give us that possibility. With the help of HAI we can describe how the infant uses her hands separately as well as together when handling toys. With HAI you will get a score for bimanual use as well as an asymmetry score that describes the magnitude of the asymmetry in hand use.

HAI will be both criterion and norm referenced and we will use HAI to describe how the hand function of children with brain lesions develops during the first year.

There is also an ongoing RCT where we investigate whether infants that have a unilateral brain lesion can improve their hand function through baby-CIMT. In Baby-CIMT the infants are encouraged to use their affected hand in play, while the other hand wears a sock or some other type of soft restraint. The baby-CIMT group is compared to a control group that receives baby massage. The result will be evaluated with HAI.

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