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About me

Since June 2012 I am registered as a PhD student at the department of medical epidemiology and biostatistics, working with statistical tumour growth modelling in breast cancer. My main supervisor is Keith Humphreys.


MSc in mathematics from Uppsala University, 2012.

Research description

The general aim of our research is to study breast cancer risk factors in breast cancer tumour progression and tumour detection (symptomatically and by screening), and to study the difference in survival depending on detection mode, using estimated tumour growth rates.

Specific aims are to:

  • Develop novel statistical models to estimate breast cancer tumour growth rates and mammography screening test sensitivity as a function of mammographic density.
  • Evaluate the role of the breast cancer risk factor BMI in breast cancer tumour growth and time to symptomatic detection.
  • Develop novel corrections for lead time and length biases, based on each individual’s estimated tumour growth rate, and use these to compare survival between screening and symptomatic cases.
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