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About me

I am a PhD candidate doing aging and neuroepidemiology research at the Department of Medical Epidemiology & Biostatistics. My supervisors are Anna Dahl Aslan, Nancy Pedersen, and Torbjörn Åkerstedt. During my doctoral studies, I've had the opportunity to carry out register-based epidemiologic studies mainly using population-based cohorts from the Swedish Twin Registry as well as Swedish national health registers. 


MSc Public Health Epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

BSc Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of Southern California (USC), USA

Research description

In a nutshell, my research focuses on the role of sleep and shift work in relation to cognitive aging and dementia development.

The specific aims of my PhD project are:

  • To study if sleep characteristics such as sleep disturbance, rise and bed time (as a way to assess sleep phase delay), and duration of sleep are associated with incidence of dementia, and to see if these associations are moderated by baseline cognitive performance. A classic epidemiologic study.
  • To examine whether late-life trajectories of cognitive aging differ as a function of mid-life shift work status using latent growth curve modeling. 
  • To investigate whether shift work, including night shift work, is associated with increased dementia incidence using survival models. An additional co-twin control analysis will help elucidate if there is confounding due to familial influences. 
  • To estimate, using moderator twin models, the effect of sleep quality on genetic influences on cognitive performance in adults, i.e. to see if there is a GxE interaction effect on cognitive performance. Data comes from the Interplay of Genes and Environment Across Multiple Studies (IGEMS) Consortium. 



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Bokenberger K, Pedersen Nl, Gatz M, Dahl Ak