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Research area/interest: Mini-circle DNA and oligonucleotides as tools for anti-gene, anti-sense and splice modification in non-viral gene therapy.


CTG repeat-targeting oligonucleotides for down-regulating Huntingtin expression
Zaghloul Em, Gissberg O, Moreno Pmd, Siggens L, Hällbrink M, Jørgensen As, et al
Nucleic acids research 2017;45(9):5153-5169

Delivery, Effect on Cell Viability, and Plasticity of Modified Aptamer Constructs
Gissberg O, Zaghloul Em, Lundin Ke, Nguyen Ch, Landras-guetta C, Wengel J, et al
Nucleic acid therapeutics 2016;26(3):183-9

Fast and efficient synthesis of Zorro-LNA type 3'-5'-5'-3' oligonucleotide conjugates via parallel in situ stepwise conjugation
Gissberg Oi, Jezowska M, Zaghloul Em, Bungsu Ni, Strömberg R, Smith Ci, et al
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 2016;14(14):3584-90

Four Novel Splice-Switch Reporter Cell Lines: Distinct Impact of Oligonucleotide Chemistry and Delivery Vector on Biological Activity
Rocha Cs, Lundin Ke, Behlke Ma, Zain R, El Andaloussi S, Smith Ci
Nucleic acid therapeutics 2016;26(6):381-391

Next-generation bis-locked nucleic acids with stacking linker and 2'-glycylamino-LNA show enhanced DNA invasion into supercoiled duplexes
Geny S, Moreno Pm, Krzywkowski T, Gissberg O, Andersen Nk, Isse Aj, et al
Nucleic acids research 2016;44(5):2007-19

Oligonucleotide Therapies: The Past and the Present
Lundin Ke, Gissberg O, Smith Ci
Human gene therapy 2015;26(8):475-85

RNA therapeutics inactivate PCSK9 by inducing a unique intracellular retention form
Rocha Cs, Wiklander Op, Larsson L, Moreno Pm, Parini P, Lundin Ke, et al
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 2015;82():186-93

Susceptibility to infections, without concomitant hyper-IgE, reported in 1976, is caused by hypomorphic mutation in the phosphoglucomutase 3 (PGM3) gene
Lundin Ke, Hamasy A, Backe Ph, Moens Ln, Falk-sörqvist E, Elgstøen Kb, et al
Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.) 2015;161(2):366-72

Hypomorphic homozygous mutations in phosphoglucomutase 3 (PGM3) impair immunity and increase serum IgE levels
Sassi A, Lazaroski S, Wu G, Haslam Sm, Fliegauf M, Mellouli F, et al
The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 2014;133(5):1410-9

Micro-minicircle Gene Therapy: Implications of Size on Fermentation, Complexation, Shearing Resistance, and Expression
Stenler S, Wiklander Op, Badal-tejedor M, Turunen J, Nordin Jz, Hallengärd D, et al
Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids 2014;2():e140-

Repeatable, Inducible Micro-RNA-Based Technology Tightly Controls Liver Transgene Expression
Oprea Ii, Viola Jr, Moreno Pm, Simonson Oe, Rodin S, Teller N, et al
Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids 2014;3():e172-

Splice-correcting oligonucleotides restore BTK function in X-linked agammaglobulinemia model
Bestas B, Moreno Pmd, Blomberg Kem, Mohammad Dk, Saleh Af, Sutlu T, et al

Biological activity and biotechnological aspects of locked nucleic acids
Lundin Ke, Højland T, Hansen Br, Persson R, Bramsen Jb, Kjems J, et al
Advances in genetics 2013;82():47-107

Development of bis-locked nucleic acid (bisLNA) oligonucleotides for efficient invasion of supercoiled duplex DNA
Moreno Pm, Geny S, Pabon Yv, Bergquist H, Zaghloul Em, Rocha Cs, et al
Nucleic acids research 2013;41(5):3257-73

Optimizing anti-gene oligonucleotide 'Zorro-LNA' for improved strand invasion into duplex DNA
Zaghloul Em, Madsen As, Moreno Pmd, Oprea Ii, El-andaloussi S, Bestas B, et al
NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2011;39(3):1142-54

Formulation and Delivery of Splice-Correction Antisense Oligonucleotides by Amino Acid Modified Polyethylenimine
Zaghloul Em, Viola Jr, Zuber G, Smith Cie, Lundin Ke

Temperature-Assisted Cyclic Hybridization (TACH): An Improved Method for Supercoiled DNA Hybridization
Oprea Ii, Simonson Oe, Moreno Pmd, Viola Jr, Lundin Ke, Smith Cie

A synthetic snRNA m(3)G-CAP enhances nuclear delivery of exogenous proteins and nucleic acids
Moreno Pmd, Wenska M, Lundin Ke, Wrange O, Stromberg R, Smith Cie
NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2009;37(6):1925-35

Conjugation of butanoyl to spermine molecules to enhance in vivo gene expression
Viola J, Leijonmarck H, Oprea I, Simonson O, Lundin K, Stromberg R, et al
HUMAN GENE THERAPY 2009;20(11):1518-1518

Fatty acid-spermine conjugates as DNA carriers for nonviral in vivo gene delivery
Viola Jr, Leijonmarck H, Simonson Oe, Oprea Ii, Frithiof R, Purhonen P, et al
GENE THERAPY 2009;16(12):1429-40

Formulation and delivery of splice-correcting antisense RNA oligonucleotides by amino acid-modified polyethylenimine
Zaghloul E, Viola J, Zuber G, Smith Cie, Lundin K
HUMAN GENE THERAPY 2009;20(11):1532-1532

Gene Transfer to Mouse Heart and Skeletal Muscles Using a Minicircle Expressing Human Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Stenler S, Andersson A, Simonson Oe, Lundin Ke, Chen Zy, Kay Ma, et al

Nanotechnology approaches for gene transfer
Lundin Ke, Simonson Oe, Moreno Pmd, Zaghloul Em, Oprea Ii, Svahn Mg, et al
GENETICA 2009;137(1):47-56

Building biologically active nucleic acid nanocomplexes
Smith Ci, Lundin Ke, Simonson Oe, Moreno Pm, Svahn Mg, Wenska M, et al
Nucleic acids symposium series (2004) 2008;(52):27-8

Sequence-specific inhibition of RNA polymerase III-dependent transcription using Zorro locked nucleic acid (LNA)
Ge R, Svahn Mg, Simonson Oe, Mohamed Aj, Lundin Ke, Smith Cie

Self-assembling supramolecular complexes by single-stranded extension from plasmid DNA
Svahn Mg, Hasan M, Sigot V, Valle-delgado Jj, Rutland Mw, Lundin Ke, et al
OLIGONUCLEOTIDES 2007;17(1):80-94

Zorro locked nucleic acid induces sequence-specific gene silencing
Ge Rb, Heinonen Je, Svahn Mg, Mohamed Aj, Lundin Ke, Smith Cie
FASEB JOURNAL 2007;21(8):1902-14

Biological activity and biotechnological aspects of peptide nucleic acid
Lundin Ke, Good L, Stromberg R, Graslund A, Smith Cie

Bioplex technology: Novel synthetic gene delivery pharmaceutical based on peptides anchored to nucleic acids
Simonson Oe, Svahn Mg, Tornquist E, Lundin Ke, Smith Cie

Increased stability and specificity through combined hybridization of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) and locked nucleic acid (LNA) to supercoiled plasmids for PNA-anchored "Bioplex" formation
Lundin Ke, Hasan M, Moreno Pm, Tornquist E, Oprea Il, Svahn Mg, et al

Adding functional entities to plasmids
Svahn Mg, Lundin Ke, Ge R, Tornquist E, Simonson Eo, Oscarsson S, et al

Cooperative strand invasion of supercoiled plasmid DNA by mixed linear PNA and PNA-peptide chimeras
Lundin Ke, Ge Rb, Svahn Mg, Tornquist E, Leijon M, Branden Lj, et al

Generation of microglia specific reagents from phage displayed peptide libraries
Lundin K, Aarum J, Appelsved L, Johansson-borg A, Von Garrelts E, Dypbukt J, et al

Peptides isolated from random peptide libraries on phage elicit a neutralizing anti-HIV-1 response: Analysis of immunological mimicry
Lundin K, Samuelsson A, Jansson M, Hinkula J, Wahren B, Persson Maa
IMMUNOLOGY 1996;89(4):579-86

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