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Dissertation 7 Dec 2018: Haomin Yang

16 Nov 2018

On Friday Dec 7 Haomin Yang will defend his thesis " Panorama of diseases associated with breast cancer ". Professor Lars Holmberg from King’s College London and Uppsala University will be his opponent. Haomin's supervisors are Kamila Czene, Per Hall, Judith Brand and Wei He. Haomin's thesis...
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Dissertation 11 Oct 2018: Linda Abrahamsson

19 Sep 2018

On Thursday Oct 11, Linda Abrahamsson will defend her thesis " Statistical models of breast cancer tumour progression for mammography screening data ". Her opponent will be Doktor Harald Weedon-Fekjær from Oslo Centre for Biostatistics & Epidemiology at Oslo University Hospital. Linda's...
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Dissertation 8 June 2018: Fredrik Strand

28 May 2018

On Friday June 8, Fredrik Strand will defend his thesis " Determinants of interval cancer and tumor size among breast cancer screening participants ". Opponent is Professor Emily Conant from the Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Fredrik's supervisors are Kamila Czene,...
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Dissertation 23 Feb 2018: Johanna Holm

06 Feb 2018

On Friday Feb 23, Johanna Holm will defend her thesis " Aggressive breast cancer: epidemiological studies addressing disease heterogeneity ". Her opponent will be Professor Lucile Adams-Campbell from Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University, U.S.A. Johanna's supervisors are...
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Dissertation 1 June 2017: Bénédicte Delcoigne

18 May 2017

On Thursday June 1, Bénédicte Delcoigne will defend her thesis " Efficient design and analysis of extended case-control studies ". Her opponent is Professor Sven Ove Samuelsen from the Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo. Bénédicte's supervisors are Marie Reilly, Kamila Czene and Agus...

Dissertation 28 April 2017: Ruoqing Chen

10 Apr 2017

On Friday April 28, Ruoqing Chen will defend her thesis " Parental cancer and children’s well-being : understanding the potential role of psychological stress ". Professor Corinna Bergelt from the Department of Medical Psychology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf will be her opponent...
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62 million SEK to 14 researchers at the department

16 Nov 2016

The department has just found out this year's distribution of funding for projects from the Swedish Research Council, the Cancer Society, and FORTE. The total sum was 62 million SEK and most projects are funded for 3 years and cover a variety of diseases, including psychiatric diseases, cancer and...

Publication in JNCI: Volumetric mammographic density: heritability and association with breast cancer susceptibility Loci

27 Nov 2014

In a publication in Journal of the National Cancer Institute Judith Brand et al from MEB presents a study on the heritability of volumetric mammographic density and the association with breast cancer susceptibility loci. The results support the high heritability of mammographic density, and also demonstrate that the shared genetic component with breast cancer is not restricted to dense tissues only.
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Research funding from the Swedish Research Council

30 Oct 2014

On 30 October VR (the Swedish Research Council) published this year's approved applications for research projects and junior research grants. From MEB, Hans-Olov Adami , Kamila Czene , Joakim Dillner , Henrik Larsson , Pär Sparén and Fredrik Wiklund were granted project funds while Mattias...

Publication in International Journal of Cancer: Patterns of changing cancer risks with time since diagnosis of a sibling

03 Oct 2014

Myeongjee Lee , PhD student at MEB has together with Professor Marie Reilly and Professor Kamila Czene , both at MEB, published an article in International Journal of Cancer on the change of familial risk of cancer over time. Patterns of changing cancer risks with time since diagnosis of a sibling...

MEB researcher tries to raise awareness about breast cancer

16 Jun 2014

On June 18, the researchers Mikael Hartman, National University of Singapore and MEB and Philip Lau, National University of Singapore finish their long journey from Singapore to Stockholm. The aim has been to raise awareness about breast cancer in Asia and to raise money for breast cancer research...