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2013 - present: PhD candidate at the unit of Occupational and Environmental Dermatology, IMM, Karolinska Institutet

2009-2013: MSc Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH), Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Graduated: March 2013.

Research description

The aim of my research is to explore the effects of skin exposure to cobalt - a metal that can cause skin allergy. Main goal is to find out if nanoparticles are an increased risk for allergy and if cobalt is taken up through the skin.

Skin sampling methods, including acid wipe sampling and tape stripping, are used to study skin dose of workers in different occupations. Together with air and urine sampling, these methods will help us understand how the body is exposed to cobalt.

Future work will include dermal penetration studies and patch testing in cobalt-allergic patients.

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