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About me

Work as a speech pathologist at the Department of Speech Pathology, Karolinska University Hospital with focus on adult persons with acquired neurodegenerative or psychiatric disorders. The work includes teaching and supervision of SLP students. Doctoral degree in SLP 2001 from the Karolinska Institute, on the theses "Semantic analysis of irrelevant speech in dementia". The PhD project involved development of methods and theories on how confabulations can be analyzed and understood from a linguistic and semantic perspective.


Teaching interests

Lecturers on clinical neurolinguistics, supervises master theses and Phd students (Päivikki Aarne, Ulrika Löfkvist and Sara Stormoen)

Research description

Research interests

The main interest is on lexico-semantic functioning in relation to disease, cognition and interaction.

- Studies have been performed on how healthy subjects as well as diseased subjects use strategies in word retrieval and how lexical and semantic mistakes occur in the speech production.

- A number of studies have aimed to collect normative data and to develop and validate lexical tests on so called premorbid cognitive functioning.

- Another focus is to investigate the impact of a language disturbance on the apprehension of the self and on the way the language disturbed subject can convey this picture of the self to others.

- The basic condition for interaction and mutual understanding is the establishment of a joint focus. This aspect has been studied in confabulative subjects with dementia and currently in two PhD projects (Päivikki Aarne and Ulrika Löfkvist).

- An impaired capacity to make decisions in situations of medical treatment can be a consequence of dementia and this is focused in the Ethical project (Swedish Brain Power). In a PhD project, Sara Stormoen investigates communicative and cognitive aspects of Medical Decision-Making Capacity in impaired cognitive function. Another part of the project concerns the way adapted information facilitate the decisive processes.

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