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About me

I have a PhD in biology (ecology) and did a 2-year post-doc period at the University of Toronto. I have worked for more than 20 years with administration in higher education and research, and with research policy. I have worked at Stockholm University, The Ministry of Education and Science and at the European Commission (DG RTD). During parts of this period, I have also functioned as deputy in the absence of my head of unit, both at the Science Faculty secretariat (SU) and at the Unit for Research Policy (MinEd). During my stay at the ministry, I also served as Swedish delegate to the CSTP (OECD) and on the Programme Committee for the Fifth Framework Programme (EU). Besides the work as project officer at DG RTD, I was secretary of the European Forum of National Ethics Councils. I also have experience from moderating and chairing the Commissions panels for ethics review of research proposals.

After my stay in Brussels I held the position as secretary of the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics for 4 years and then in 2009 moved on to Karolinska Institutet to take up the position as head of the Department for Research and Doctoral Training. After a re-organisation of KI’s central university administration at the beginning of 2013 and a short commission as acting head of the Grants Office, I am now senior adviser (specialist) at the Director’s Office and work with investigations, analyses and the processing of in-coming public consultations. I am regularly engaged as expert by the Commission (e.g. ERC, IMI, REA) for ethics review of research proposals, as independent observer during evaluations and as ethics adviser to research consortia.

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