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About me

My PhD project started in 2013 as a collaboration between Juha Kere and Peter Swoboda groups on Karolinska Institute Doktorand (KID) funding.

In Spring 2014 (3 months), Winter 2015 (2 weeks) and Summer 2016 (2 months), I had the priviledge to perform my research work in Junho Lee group at Seoul National University under STINT Sweden-Korea collaboration grant. 


2013 - (expected) 2018

Karolinska Institutet: PhD education

Supervisors: Juha Kere and Peter Swoboda


2011 - 2012

Karolinska Institutet: Honours year/Master-level.

Supervisor: Peter Swoboda


2007 - 2010

Australian National University: Bachelor of Science, Major in Cell and Molecular Biology.

Bachelor project supervisor: Carolyn Behm. 

Research description

RFX transcription factor (TF) family has a conserved DNA binding domain that recognises a sequence motif called the X-box. The group of Dr Juha Kere specialises in human population genetic studies of complex diseases including dyslexia. Dyslexia candidate genes have been associated with RFXs because they harbour X-box motifs. The group of Dr Peter Swoboda has a long standing experience in C. elegans’ RFX TF known as DAF-19 which is the major regulator of ciliogenesis (in particular, primary cilium as the sensing organelle).

My main project is the characterization of human RFX transcription factor (TF) family by regulatory and target gene analysis. My primary interest is in the role of the RFX TFs in neurons and in the human brain. I used both computational and molecular biology techniques, and human cell lines and the worm C. elegans as model systems.

List of publications:

Tammimies K, Bieder A, Lauter G, Sugiaman-Trapman D, Torchet R, Hokkanen M-E, Burghoorn J, Castrén E, Kere J, Tapia-Páez I, Swoboda P: Ciliary dyslexia candidate genes DYX1C1 and DCDC2 are regulated by Regulatory Factor (RF) X transcription factors through X-box promoter motifs. The FASEB Journal 2016. [pubmed: 27451412]

De Stasio EA, Mueller KP, Bauer RJ, Hurlburt AJ, Bice SA, Scholtz SL, Phirke P, Sugiaman-Trapman D, Stinson LA, Olson HB, Vogel SL, Ek-Vazquez Z, Esemen Y, Korzynski J, Wolfe K, Arbuckle BN, Zhang H, Lombard-Knapp G, Piasecki BP, Swoboda P: An expanded role for the RFX transcription factor DAF-19, with dual functions in ciliated and non-ciliated neurons. Genetics 2018. [pubmed: 29301909]

Sugiaman-Trapman D, Vitezic M, Jouhihlahti EM, Mathelier A, Lauter G, Sougat M, Daub CO, Kere J, Swoboda P: Characterization of the human RFX transcription factor family by regulatory and target gene analysis. BMC Genomics 2018 [pubmed: 2951066 (PDF version)


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